Single Flyer Distribution

One of the major way flyer distribution can really have maximum impact is to sign up for the Single Distribution Option: that’s your flyer distributed on its own.

The logic is simple. A big batch of flyers scattered across are quickly identified as ‘junk mail’ and dumped altogether. However, a single flyer is more likely to be noticed and read as it is picked up.

However, cost may be an issue. Single distribution will cost much more if the distributor is legit and is to exist financially.

Hence, you can consider the Shared Distribution. Your flyer is distributed alongside up to 2-3 other non-competing flyers. Shared delivery can be more cost effective, as you get to share the cost with a few other non-competing businesses.

Some distribution companies will put your flyer with up to 7 and sometimes more. We feel this dilutes your message too much and think that 3-4 flyers at one time are enough.

This is very important for building Brand Awareness. Stacking works together with Frequency to build Brand Awareness.

2-3 flyers (all non-competing) distributed reasonably often will make your brand much more memorable, as compared to 7-10 flyers (may be competing) distributed on a one-time basis.

Your potential customers think of you first when they want what you sell.

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