Why Flyer Distribution is still effective in a digital world

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Sure, in Singapore, Flyer Distribution can be considered as “Old-School” and considered as “Traditional Marketing”. Digital Marketing seems to be the “IN” thing now, and rightly so. However, that does not mean that Traditional Marketing or Flyer Distribution is not effective.

In fact, the mindset employed by many business owners and marketing professionals in Singapore is that traditional & digital marketing can work well together.

In addition, traditional marketing still plays an important role in people’s lives with the ever growing need to step out of the digital world.

Complete Control Over Targeting

1 of the advantage of Flyer Distribution in Singapore is that you have complete control over targeting.

By literally handing over flyers to your target audience you have 100% control over targeting. Compare this to other channels where you are leaving things to a Google/Social Media algorithm or a ‘spray and pray’ local television or radio ad.

When thinking through your flyer distribution strategy, ask yourself “where do I find the right people in the right place at the right time”.

Target Audience You Are Not Able to Target Online

At Little Ants Flyer Distribution Company, we can help you reach audience that you find it hard to reach online!

For example, our BTO (Built To Order) HDB Flyer Distribution service can help you to reach new BTO flat owners who are getting their keys. This is suitable for renovation, air-con installation, furniture companies, etc…

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For example, our MOP (Minimum Occupation Period) HDB Flyer Distribution service can help you to reach home owners who have reached their 5 years MOP. This is very suitable for real estate agents!

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For example, our School Flyer Distribution service can help you to reach students. Little Ants Flyer Distribution provide flyer distribution to all the primary, secondary, junior college (JCs), polytechnics, universities & private institutions in Singapore. This is suitable for those in education, tuition centres, enrichment courses industries, etc…

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For example, we can also help F&B businesses. By distributing to nearby housing via our HDB Door to Door Flyer Distribution service, and also distributing to residents in the area via our Walkway Flyer Distribution service, we can help you promote awareness of either your new outlet or promotions.

These services are also good for businesses who want to reach people staying in specific areas.

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Remember, There’s No Substitute For A Great Offer

However, the overall effectiveness of your campaign still relies heavily on the strength of the message (which is usually an offer).

It could be a free trial, a discount as a time-limited offer, or a gift pack for new customers, or even free samples. No matter which offer you’re running with, it needs to resonate with your target audience and provide a strong call to action.


Having seen all the benefits of Flyer Distribution in Singapore, and also have a Great Offer to make, are you keen to try out Flyer Distribution as part of your marketing strategy?

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